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Our Automotive program is designed to save and develop customers with subprime or less than perfect credit. In most showrooms, 30% of all buyers do not qualify to buy a car at prime rates. Even if you have a subprime process in place; we can strengthen or create closed deals using this program. If you desire a surge in sales, a constant qualified pipeline of buyers, referrals and an increase in satisfaction and customer loyalty; you will consider this program for your team.

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The dealership has no liability with this program. Disclosures will be clear and concise. The dealership will have no fees for this program beyond the collateral material. Marah Mutual will provide semi-annual training and periodic incentives for the sales staff.


Each dealership is different in how they approach subprime or lower credit scored customers & prospects. Our model allows us to be flexible with our affiliate partners. Ease of access, understanding, profitability and customer development & retention are all important components to overall success for the program. We will work with F&I and management to create a specific path for these customers.

  • This program is designed to develop pipelines of qualified buyers with an enhanced credit score of 85 points and a $ 200-500 voucher toward the purchase of a new or used car. It’s intent is to capture sub-prime clients and reinsert them back in to the auto sales process with your dealership in 90-180 days; as opposed to never seeing them again. This process also affords your salespeople the ability to track their client’s progress. By design, it will also promote salesperson loyalty to the dealership.

  • The program will be specific to the originating dealership and will not be transferable to another dealership or entity.

  • We can set up a bird dog program if it makes a difference.

  • The client will receive an initial voucher that will give them instructions to engage with us, and the parameters of the program. The voucher will contain a free analysis, ($80 value) and discounted setup fees. These will be complimentary from the originating dealership. This will increase customer loyalty with the dealership and provide them a clear path to success in fixing their credit.

  • The dealership, at their discretion, may include as a portion of the voucher, a specific discount on the auto upon completion of the credit enhancement. The offer should apply exclusively against a future purchase of an automobile from their dealership. Such a voucher to include a disclaimer payment receipt required to redeem voucher. It would retain no cash value.

  • The cost of collateral material (optional) will be paid by the participating dealership. It will include their desired art work and logo. Artistic license will remain with the dealership. My Credit team warranties and exclusions will be standard in all collateral material.  

  • The referral tracking mechanism will be a promotional code unique to each sales person. Marah Mutual will provide the dealership with all usernames and passwords for all salesperson’s on-line accounts. In the event a salesperson leaves the dealership, the control of viewing the data for the entire pipeline will revert to the dealership. This will be accomplished by changing the password for the salesperson’s account. It is the responsibility of the dealership to inform Marah Mutual of any salesperson’s departure from the dealership.



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