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Please take a moment to consider our Client Services process for Financial Professionals. An affiliation with us will add value to your business model and clients. It takes time, energy and resources to develop a lead, and seconds to lose them forever when you can’t serve them or impact their life immediately. We understand your unique model because we have been working in the industry 30 years. We want to help you cultivate prospects and close more deals with no cost to you. Pipeline management & development works!!


Based on focus group studies; financial professionals asking the credit status of a client uncovers the big picture more easily. Additionally, most anyone that has owned a business, had a divorce, experienced medical issues, lost a job or a host of other life occurrences have had credit setbacks. The credit analysis and enhancement process is unique. A positive credit rating is one of the few commodities that clients can’t buy when needed. Marginal credit can cost thousands of dollars a year in interest expense; money that could be going in to your plan.


*** We will edify and promote you and your business. Informing your customer of your integrity and business expertise has immediate and lasting value. Additionally, we will waive our analysis fee of $80 due to your direct referral. This will further solidify your relationship.


We take time to ask need defining questions and understand their goals and desired results. This information will be captured and passed to you. It can be vital to your long term success.


We will provide an analysis and recommendation using the clients own Identity IQ, Credit Karma or Free Credit report accounts. This allows the customer to see and use their own accounts to see and monitor the progress of our service; now and in the future.  It will also allow access to their reports without hard inquiry and eliminates proprietary liability. The analysis will include an overview of Debt to income ratios, Balance to limit ratios, Credit mix, FICO score and certain lending thresholds.


We will not lose sight that creating additional cash flows, eliminating debt and interest liability is most important. Our primary goal is to help you achieve incremental funding to your clients portfolio.


Your client will always follow you. We will never discuss a product that you represent. We carry high fiduciary responsibility & integrity. You will be able to refer us with confidence, as a partner concerned with their benefit.



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