Counsel & direction from a Legal Professional is so very important. As a banker & entrepreneur for 30 years, I have worked with Attorneys for decades and maintain some terrific relationships in the industry. I recognize the bond that gets built and how your clients rely on you. Everyone has a different need and come from a different place. We will add immediate value to your service model.


IF YOU DO NOT ASK THE QUESTION,” How is you credit”? You are missing a piece of the puzzle. Credit enhancement, restoration and understanding is needed by a majority of the population for a variety of reasons. Divorce, loss of income, legal & health issues and unforeseen disaster can all affect credit files and FICO scores.  We educate and advocate through our process.

  We are a National vendor and help our referral sources serve their customers all over the country. What differentiates us; is we are aggressive in our process. We want to get the customer fixed ASAP. Our structure is 3, 6 or 9 months depending on severity. We also want to help them achieve the end goal of the restoration. We work with Law Firms, Mortgage Brokers, Banks, Real Estate Companies & RE Investors, Investment and Insurance Firms. We are a referral based company. Our partnerships and affiliations are very important to us. We will waive some initial costs for your client based on our relationship.


  We can set up a meeting with you or your staff to explain how we help you serve your clients; as well as develop a unique Marketing and Business Development Plan based on our service. Our company has high integrity and impeccable transparency.  Each client gets a portal for disputes and results, and a personal concierge to help them.



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